I’m speaking to you in all honesty and naivete.
I’m a ghost and a concept from the past.
I escaped into the present to tell you my stories.
I do hope you enjoy them.
When they are all gone, I will be as well.
Telling them far, far away,
Traveling through night and traveling through day.


5 Respostas to “Ghost”

  1. rastelly Says:

    This is really good!

    Are your other poems in Spanish or
    Italion? I don’t know them well enough
    to distinguish.

    I recently toured a lighthouse in Florida
    that was rumored to be haunted – I hoped
    the ghosts would tell me stories – but heard
    none. 🙂

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  2. Rathziel Says:

    Gostei muito disso… ^-^


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